Please read the following items, print out and bring to class on 18 November:

Valery Tishkov, Chechnya: Life in a war torn society. The chapter entitled "The culture of hostage taking". Pages 216 to 219. Pages 219 to 223.

And two chapters from Chechnya: A small victorious war by Carlotta Gall and Thomas de Waal: The French of the Caucasus and Conquest and Resistance. 


I got the books from the library yesterday and they've been recalled, although even if I take them back today you probably won't get them in time. So instead I'll read them this morning and bring them in this afternoon. Let me know if you need to borrow them.

That might have been me. It said there was copies available on the system but me and Rob couldn't find them on the shelves.

Yeah, I was sitting in the library with them for a while before taking them out. I've got some footage to edit later, so whilst it is uploading I might scan in one of the books for everyone, if I'm feeling nice.

Reading: Reporting Conflict class 18 November