ITV's flagging regional news provision could be replaced by 80 truly local television news bulletins if the Conservatives are elected next year. Jeremy Hunt, the Conservatives' culture spokesman, has pledged support for a new tier of commercial city-based channels. There have been previous attempts to do this. Truly local television is an attractive idea. Anyone who views Newsroom South East's diligent efforts to make what happens in Sussex interesting to residents of North East Kent, or Meridian's still tougher task of fashioning unity in a ludicrously synthetic region should understand its appeal. But the challenge should not be underestimated. Previous attempts at local TV in the UK have failed, leaving only one example standing - Guardian Media Group's Manchester-based Channel M. That said, there are profitable micro channels in other countries (Canada provides a particularly interesting case study) and the possibility of lots of new jobs in local TV reporting is attractive.  Perhaps we could transmit Medway News Live from the Centre for Journalism? I jest not entirely. 


Really local TV news?