NUJ Students' Conference tips for journalists

I spent Saturday with a couple of other CfJers at the NUJ Students' Conference in London.

During the day we heard from some inspirational speakers and they offered us some great tips for our future careers.

I have blogged about each session, which I've linked to below in case you missed the day and want to know what was covered.

Reporting Conflict reading: Too Close For Comfort

I have scanned in the reading for everyone - except it is too big to upload to the site. If someone's around tomorrow I'll see if I can get it uploaded to module notes, if not you can get it online on the scanning website - the file is called SCAN1045.

I've put a black and white copy in the postgrad newsroom (see shelf) for people to photocopy themselves, in case you don't know how to access the scan site. Don't be selfish and take it because I will hunt you down. However, there is an upside down colour copy in there which someone is welcome to take.

NCTJ Student Representative

Every year each NCTJ accredited course sends a representative to the student council where students communicate their views on their journalism training - specifically NCTJ stuff only.

Each course has to select a student to attend. Train fares are covered and it's held at a media organisation each year - the previous two years were held at Bloomberg and the Guardian. It's a good chance to voice your opinions on the NCTJ, as well as meet industry professionals and have a nose around the newsrooms.


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