Pre-pre drinks

Before the work starts and you're left to wonder what a lie-in is, we suggest you go mad in freshers' week. 

Click on the Facebook link in the navigation bar above, or try this  to find a link to pre-pre drinks for the freshers' dinner.

In my house alcoholism is a necessity, along with shorthand practice. ;D

Oldies: you know where I live.

New students: I'll come say hi in freshers' week and give you directions, if you want to come.

The iPad for journalists

I think the CfJ needs some shiny new kit that we can slip into our oversized pockets. Imagine the possibilities for online or TV news days…

- We could blog on the bus back from Chatham
- Use it to read our scripts, whilst filming live into the studio on a mobile phone
- Edit photos on to go

Check out Not on the Wires’ video all about the possibilities for journalists using them.


Journalism-related volunteering

I’ve been looking into volunteering opportunities and an interesting one came up with National Talking Newspapers and Magazines. It involves changing written words into alternative formats for those with difficulty reading printed material. They’re based in East Sussex but with our equipment, we could probably still do it.
Alternatively we could start something like this in Kent, as I don’t think there is anything like it around.
Anyone interested?


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