Activities awards nominations

(Posting it on here because it will avoid having to CC everyone in all the time through email)

Basically, UMM can submit one vote for each category for the categories listed further down - it's a tad long. The Activities Awards are scheduled for Saturday 22nd May,

Chuck your votes below by the 15th April if you want to have a say. If you've never contributed to the mag - don't bother.

Data visualisation - We Feel Fine

Don’t ask why I’m looking at data visualisation stuff this late on Friday night, because I really don’t know. However, I just found a rather fabulously colourful piece. Kind of reverts you back to your childhood as it looks like millions of bouncy balls are catapulting across your screen.
Shame on you for thinking database journalism was boring.

Activities Awards and UMM stuff

I guess it seems like things have been quiet on the UMM front recently. I’ve been discussing plans for next year with UMSA and will be organising the elections for editor. Sorry it’s been a complete shambles this year, but I’m thinking that next year is going to be our year for fabulous things. I’d like to know whether or not anyone would like to do one final issue this year – it will come out just after Easter if so? Or would you rather concentrate on getting a team together for next year - full of things like a promotion team/feature and sport editors?

NCTJ student council summary

I realise this is a little old now, but I’ve had a lot to do. Better late than never, as they say.
I went to the annual NCTJ student council meeting a few Fridays ago. For those that have been sleeping, it’s a forum for feedback.
You can read my round-up here


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