Journalism students need entrepreneurial skills

Recently I've been reading a lot of articles/tweets about journalism students needing more than just the traditional skills; they need entrepreneurial skills. Goldsmith's journalism department featured in this morning's Media Guardian for possessing those exact skills. It also mentions Birmingham, City, Newcastle... but not Kent.

(Yes, here she goes again...)

The LA Times and the University of Kent

It sounded somewhat strange to me when I read that the LA Times were interested in an debate happening at the University of Kent. Then as the story began to unravel, it turned out that an ex-UKC student was now an editor at the LA Times and his next editorial piece was on the same subject as the debate - beauty pageants. He was hoping to get a transcript or a video of the event to show to readers.

December issue, student magazine

I never know how many of you read this, but here we go -

Obviously with such things like the elections on campus, we should really chuck out another issue of the magazine.

However, due to the time it takes to print it/design it - the deadline for articles is going to be a week. We'll say 22nd November.

I'm hoping to steal a conference this week, but if I can't I'll organise a time.

Put your little thinking caps on this weekend. :)


Change defamation law on online publishing

For second year students, it's something we've been studying for a few weeks now, for first years you've got the joy of it to come - the law of defamation. So turn your attention away from Facebook raping each other for 10 minutes and do something productive for both journalists and bloggers. It's all explained much more here.

How social media saved my life...

Okay, slight exaggeration – but it did help with my assessment this week and I figured first years haven’t yet had to put up with my Twitter ramblings. 
Not that I was at all guilty of leaving my video project to the last minute, but I was, on Wednesday night, madly searching for some more information on my chosen story.
It had hardly been reported online, which didn’t exactly help me in quest for interviewees, and despite various phone calls and emails everyone seemed to be ignoring me.


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