Media society night at the BBC

Anyone interested? There's a few tickets available for students at the reduced price of £5.

I've emailed and asked for a few. Let me know if you want to come and I can send the email asking for more. We're going to have to ask Lesley about our law lesson clash though - don't know what you first years have?

Enjoy your weekend... Although I'll probably see most second years in the newsroom tomorrow.


Student subscriptions and magazine

Good morning everyone. Just a quick one -

I thought you might find this useful after conference this week - it's the best offer I could find. Also, they'd like students to blog for them - so look out for email about the student magazine this weekend, write something, then send it in to both me and The Independent.

Enjoy your weekend.


Radio ramblings

So some of you are starting to come down with Fresher's Flu and I’ve been sniffing all day with second year sickness. But then I came home to an email from the NUJ (which linked me to this) and suddenly my sleepy state has vanished.

 I’ve just been reminded of one of the things I was talking about with a fellow student back in Freshers’ week, whilst fuelled on far too much alcohol...

We would like a student radio station.


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