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The Digger is a Glasgow newspaper and website which reports on unemployed and low income workers who come into contact with the justice system from arrest through the police, prosecution and courts. It describes its mission as follows:

Our aim is to highlight individuals whose cases normally go unreported in the mainstream Press. Our pages also cover the politics of this system of crime and punishment and the legislation which affects everyone. The courts aim to get at the truth but often fail to achieve this. We cover people who find themselves victims of state power and abuse of power. Judges have to dispense justice and our job is to report on their use of power. Justice must not only be done but be seen to be done. The Digger is the eyes and ears of the public who find this system confusing and sometimes unaccountable. The Digger plays an important part in the checks and balances of our democratic system. In the end we act as a pressure valve for thousands of people who have no voice or representation.

The Job - General Reporter

Gather custody lists and daily ‘menu’ of Sheriff & Jury business at Glasgow Sheriff Court.

Scan the lists for familiar names. Calling the office for a thorough search which will determine which trials (if any) to follow.

Attend 9.30am sentencing diets in the hope of hearing details not divulged on the original indictments, and hearing the sentence.

Several times a week, checking Glasgow Press Room for bundles of new Indictments. Summarising all new S&J indictments and writing up the cases for possible publication. Transferring the summaries + write ups to Google Drive.

As required, making requests for info at court office (S&J Cases) or 2nd floor criminal office (Summary cases and S& J ones which are awaiting sentence).

Several times a week sitting in on a trial. Making notes and facilitating photo opportunities for accused, supporters or witnesses. Liaising with photographers.

Typing up shorthand notes in full or incorporating them into a story.


Every week or two, travelling to Hamilton Sheriff Court to summarise indictments there and to enquire about Hamilton cases Digger has been following.  Writing up the indictments and sentences. Noting extra information available for Hamilton cases, not divulged in other court houses.

Every three or four weeks travelling to Airdrie and Paisley Sheriff Courts to do the same there.


When in the office, answering the phone if editor does not intercept the call.

Occasionally phoning sources.

Rare opinion pieces

Checking emails from the editor and Google Calendar for next day/ rest of week.

Occasional visits to sources passed to me.

Rare visits to courts in Edinburgh or elsewhere, eg Dumbarton, Kilmarnock or Stirling.


If you are interested please e-mail the editor, James Cruickshank, or cal 0141 556 0011 and ask for James

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