Hi everyone,

Hope you're all well!

To all third years, MAs and any graduates, my paper is hiring!

We might be a little far from the bright lights of London but the County Gazette is a fab place to start your career - I've been here six months and I get my own front page every week and I've already been runner-up for an award.

There's so much scope to get your teeth into proper local journalism, and a chance to go off and do your own thing.

Everything from council meetings and court reporting to eating ponies (I kid you not this was a front page before Christmas!)

I also got to interview Howie D from the Backstreet Boys last Thursday - so it's not all serious!

We're an incredibly friendly team and this really is a great starting place for the next steps of your career.

There are two jobs going, we're looking for a reporter who will mainly cover the Gazette but also help on our other titles and a chief reporter for our Chard and Illy paper.

If you want to ask me anything else, drop me an email - danielle.morris@nqsw.co.uk 

Happy job hunting!

Click here for the reporter job

Click here for the chief reporter job

Take a look at our websites too - www.somersetcountygazette.co.uk





Reporting jobs at the Somerset County Gazette