Ugly footage from Hebron

This item from The Guardian's site shows a shooting by Israeli settlers of two Palestinian men. Interestingly, Palestinians living on the occupied West Bank are being issued with small video cameras to document violence and other human rights abuses.

Matt's got rhythym

This is Matt Frei's prose poem on the financial cataclysm. I think this is wonderful writing to pictures, and both words and pictures have great rhythym: "the SUV, the large TV". Also, Frei is good with pauses: he lets the pictures breathe. Wonderful.
Scroll down on this page to "Rotten Roots of the Crunch" to locate this clip

I have been shot more times than I have been credited by the BBC

We talked a few weeks ago about how one Frontline News cameraman, Peter Jouvenal, failed to get the credit for his footage from the fall of Kabul and missed out on an Emmy award.

The other surviving Frontline founder member, Vaughan Smith, wrote this piece in today's Guardian on the same theme.


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