Open lectures

The university has an on-going series of open lectures which can provide great material for journalists - both in terms of quotes and background detail for stories and by supplying new ideas for academic work.

Highlights this month include:

Professor Till Roenneberg

October 2, 6pm, Grimond (Canterbury). The impact of sleep deprivation caused by changes in the modern lifestyle. A relevant topic for any students who stay glued to their iPads long after lights-out - and an interesting broader health story waiting to be told.

Year 2 NCTJ Reporting groups

Year two will split in half for the NCTJ workshop sessions on Thursdays and Fridays, with one group taken by me and the other by Ron.

Rob's group

Amy, Cecily, Helen, Jade, Jasmin, Katie, Michelle, Paige, Stine, Victoria

Ron's group

Alex, Cian, Clara, Dan, Nageen, Nathalie, Ola, Sanam, Sophie, Uzoma


The first date we will offer for the NCTJ Reporting exam is Monday, December 9. The exam runs from 10am to 12.30pm. Ron and I will talk to you about entry for the exam in early November.

How to (really) read the news

Hold The Front Page should already be a permanent bookmark in your browser as a source of journalism news and job vacancies - but one blog in particular could help improve your performance in conference and on news days.

Dyson at Large, run by former newspaper editor Steve Dyson, performs a post mortem on a different regional newspaper every fortnight, explaining in forensic detail what worked and what didn't.

Newsroom access

Returning students will be able to access the newsrooms from Monday, September 23.

The undergraduate newsrooms have been locked this summer while Gerardo has installed the new iMacs, and will continue to be out of use until the start of Welcome Week while software is uploaded to them.

The postgrad Macs are also receiving a software upgrade over the next two weeks.


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