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Okay guys and girls, not really too much to say here. We're pretty well versed in what needs to happen. 

Come in with a couple of story ideas. Hopefully you'll all have a couple of things on the go throughout the day. 

- We'd really like everyone to have at least one small story up for when we go live at 9.

- Pleeeease try and work a multimedia/other digital offering interaction (love it) element into all of your stories.

- Remember to put plenty of links in your stories. 

TV Studio

At the risk of sounding unpopular... Would it be possible to have a session in the TV studio during our Convergent slot next week?

I'm not sure about everyone else but I don't think I am comfortable enough with the equipment to be able to pull off a lovely and sparkly TV news day.

I think we'd all rather not be caught with our trousers down again like on the radio news day.

I'll take my beatings like a man... crying.. in the foetal position.

The worst tennis player on the planet loses again... in court

Robert Dee was officially crowned the worst pro tennis player in the world after a run of 54 straight-set loses. He decided to sue for defamtion claiming it harmed his reputation... weird.

Stephen Adams of the Telegraph, points out the risk to newspapers if they stand up to these 'conditional fee agreements', otherwise known as 'no win, no fee' claims.


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