Sleeplessly Living Day By Day


For as long as I can remember I have always been an abject sleeper. Before someone disastrously misconstrues those words, I’m in no doubt referring to my inability to sleep like a normal human being. For all the money in the world I can’t understand the reasons for which sleep evades me.


Taek Kwon Do It

I was trawling through old documents in my father’s suitcase when I had stumbled upon something I hadn’t even considered in years. A copy of the Camden News Gazette dated 12 years ago. The contents of this article represent to me one of the principle life lessons I learned at the tender age of eight – how to avoid getting your arse whopped six ways to Sunday.


Lets appreciate our safety, we owe it to the police

March 22, a sobering day for the British public as by the end of it, a city overcome with grievance and shock, had to accept the reality that public safety is a fragile myth. The millions that move freely around London now with some iota as to the danger they, you or I could encounter on any given moment might seem like a widespread case of paranoia and is not the appropriate action to take in my view.

At long last the time is Grime

The changing of the guard that saw us enter 2017 from a year notorious for how it inflicted tragedy on the famous, is a significant moment to reflect on how far the genre of Grime or UK Hip-Hop as it has been mistakenly referred to, has come. 2016 again was a year of excellence for Grime as without fail new and exciting talent continued to emerge from London streets with an appetite for success and crucially with an understanding of how to get it.

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