Centre's Third Years achieve near-perfection in newswriting results

Over 90 per cent of  the Centre for Journalism's third years - our first cohort of students - have now passed the notoriously difficult NCTJ newswriting exam. Fourteen out of the fifteen students have now passed, a stunning level of achievement for the Centre. In addition, six out of eight of our first year of Postgrads - 75 per cent - passed the new Diploma Reporting exam at the first attempt. We wish all our leavers well as they move into the world of work, and congratulations on your success here.

Last night's Panorama: a great example of the good investigative journalism can do

Panorama on Tuesday May 31st was a stunning example of good investigative journalism. Using a hidden camera, an undercover reporter exposed horrifying abuse at a privately-run home for adults with learning difficulties. It was shocking, uncomfortable viewing. As a result, the company that runs the home - and many others - has suspended 13 employees. Police have arrested four. Watch it on i-player.

MA NCTJ Portfolio: interim deadline and final deadline

The interim deadline for the MA NCTJ portfolio is Monday June 6. By this time you will need to have completed: your feature, your public affairs multimedia package and at least 5 of the ten news stories. We will then be able to give you an idea of how many stories you should aim to get from your work experience. The final deadline for finished portfolios is  Friday July 15.


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