Visit to Canterbury Crown Court - all years - Tuesday March 2

Dear all,

Next week we are visiting Canterbury Crown Court, Chaucer Road, Canterbury (map and directions in attachment). Please make sure you are there by about five to ten. We are having a talk by a judge before proceedings. Those of you who have no afternoon lessons to go to are welcome to stay as long as you like. Those who need to be back in Medway for the afternoon need to catch the 13.02 from Canterbury East to get back for 2.00pm

House of Commons visit rescheduled for Tuesday February 9

First Years please note: due to parliamentary and governmental diary clashes, the House of Commons trip has been postponed until Tuesday February 9; please see your Year One timetables for more specifics. As you will see from your re-jigged timetable, your Reporting and Writing class on January 19  will now be a brief introduction to court reporting and the law, in advance of your visit to Chatham Magistrates Court the following week. Happy New Year and see you next week!

Announcing Christmas Competition for First Years! - Free booze and gift vouchers to be won!!

Just to remind you of our exciting Christmas story competition. The rules are simple: A story of between 500 - 1000 words, on any aspect of Christmas - serious/funny/straight/poignant/silly.  It could be looking at homelessness in Medway over Christmas or trying out the latest silly toy that's going to be bestseller this year and anything in between. Your stories will be judged on 1) Your reporting skills - those who go out and interview people/experience real life situations will be awarded more marks than those who simply glean stuff off the internet.

You may be quite funny, Mr Fry, but on MPs' expenses you're totally wrong

So funnyman to Middle England, Stephen Fry thinks the scandal of MPs' expenses is no more than a 'journalistic frenzy' does he? Interviewed for Newsnight last night, he practically spat the words and accused people outraged by claims for mending tennis courts, swimming pools and having their wisteria pruned as mere 'bourgeous' preoccupations. Speaker of the House of Commons Michael Martin blamed the media too, a lazy and kneejerk reaction.


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