There is going to be a very expensive bottle of wine opened and left to breath somewhere in Brussels tonight.
Tell me I’m crass, but I know with almost certainty that when Mr Herman Van Rompuy’s head hits the pillow it is going to be with a smile.
The image of Nigel Farage’s attempt at wing walking with a very large “VOTE UKIP” sign stuck to his back is one thing that will ease the sting of unsettling events in Greece witnessed today.
He doesn’t have to think back that far when among colleagues, the UKIP leader notoriously compared the President of the European Council to “a low grade bank clerk” Snigger, snigger!
Then he said of the former Belgian Prime Minister:  “You have all the charisma of a damp rag” Guffaw, Guffaw! Before calling the softly spoken writer of Japanese poetry “A quiet assassin of European democracy”.
Aptly noted from one of Van Rompuy’s haiku style poems is the line “forgive your enemies, but don’t forget their names”.
A suggestion for his next verse could be the title “Divine Wind”.