How i reunited the Jonas Brothers to promote my podcast on Spotify

I’ve thought long and hard about the topic for this blog post. I’ve had a great many ideas, all of them surpassing the previous. I could have written about my friend who accidentally brought a scorpion back from her mum’s wedding in South Africa, but the BBC beat me to it. I could have ranked all the Sharknado films in order, but let’s be honest they all tie for first.

The conspiracy Spotify doesn't want you to know about

For the last three months, I have been on the tail of something big. This endeavour has been no small feat and now at the end of my journey I have more questions than answers. Buckle yourselves up because I’m about to tell you a story which may or not be a completely over the top conspiracy theory. 

Father of three's walk across London for National Autistic Society after son's diagnosis

It’s not often when I’m scrolling through social media for news stories that I see something that peaks my interest. Last week, however, while in the depths of the Facebook group Herne Bay Chatter I came across the heart-warming story of Lee and his son George’s night walk to raise money for the National Autistic Society (NAS). Inspired by the help and support from the NAS, Lee has given his family since the recent diagnosis of his youngest son Alfie.

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