I Am Sherlocked

So, I need to write a blog. Everyone else seems to dissect the inner workings of political debates or take on important real life issues. Unfortunately, I’m a 20-year-old man baby and all I do is watch TV so I’m going to look ahead to tonight’s Sherlock finale and predict what may happen.

This may contain spoilers but probably not because I’m not that clever.

1)      Johnlock

The NHS- the unappreciated gift


Since its conception, the NHS has strived to provide free healthcare to the people of Britain. The key word there being FREE. People seem all too quick to criticise the amount we pay in tax towards the NHS without thinking about the huge benefits it brings to millions. The concept of being able to provide lifesaving treatment to those who would not otherwise be able to afford it is something we should be loudly proud of, not complaining about.

All you have to do is look across the pond to America to see what life without the NHS would look like. They have to pay for any care they want or need, as if we have any control over accidents or illnesses. Sure, we would pay less in tax, or free up billions of pounds to spend elsewhere, but that’s not the point. The fact that we don’t have to worry about a serious injury financially crippling us is something I’m sure everyone wants to keep. Imagine if Breaking Bad had happened in Britain, under the NHS it would have been no problem.

Plane and simple- who should make England’s Euros flight?

With the Euros just under five months away, Roy Hodgson will soon be called to pick his initial 30 man squad; before whittling it down to the final 23 who will book a place on the plane to France. As a top seeded team, England will be looking to make a real case for themselves at this years tournament.

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