We are calling upon the boys and girls of the CfJ, across all year groups (even staff) to take part in the second CfJ football tournament.

We are looking for teams of 7 or more, boy's teams and girl's teams, to play on a yet-to-decided date before Christmas.

Last year, the year 2 boys played the year 3 boys on the Great Lines field, winning 4 - 3 in extra time.

So get a team together and confirm your place either by commenting on this post or emailing me at mc564@kent.ac.uk.

Good luck people.


At least two of us postgrads are keen, but we will struggle to get 7. So any team short of numbers, let us know.

Don't worry about getting 7, all we want to do is have a kick about. Boys and girls welcome to play. Not sure if first year's will have enough either, but between the department we should definitely have enough for at least two teams, hopefully three, and if lecturers get involved about 4?

Can definitely get a fair few of our year involved. We'd be game. A little taster - I might be in goal.

Time and place and I'm there fellas.

Seven was just me saying a random number. Any number is cool; it will be fun. It was last year.

The second annual CfJ football tournament