...in first year convergent journalism, I thought I'd go one step further by highlighting my own problems with Liberty Quays. Enjoy!


There's bound to be a staggering amount of grammatical and spelling errors so be nice =D


I'm guessing we can fill a DPS with all of the Liberty Quays stuff for November's edition of the magazine? Does anyone want to be sent on a little investigative piece and unveil how rubbish the security is at that place?

P.S. Are any of you first years having serious problems trying to survive without your loans? I'm not after "Mummy and Daddy are bailing me out" stories though.

Becci, you've already heard my views and they're only getting better... I'll happily dress up in my finest chavvie disguise and see how easy it is to get in and out and through every little unguarded peephole in that place.

They already royally hate me after what I said in the last edition... ( Our postcode still "don't exist"...)

Super! You can't cheat by using your fob to get in and out though. You'll have to wait and follow someone else in, like I always do. We can talk about this little adventure more tomorrow.

A hidden ediroll interview with the angry guy could be useful, if highly dishonourable.

Seeing as this was such a popular discussion...