Opinion: The Imprisonment of Journalists in Myanmar

News of the Rohingya crisis is not new, the BBC, Sky News and other news organisations all over the world has reported on the 'ethinc cleansing' in Myanmar. Even though this humanitarian crisis is still ongoing, there are not many news reports about it at the moment. With this in mind I decided that my blog post this term should be about the diaster that is occuring in South East Asia. 

The original post has been published on my personal blog, but heres an extract from it: 

Crazy Rich Asians and the importance of representation

So over the summer, I dabbled a little into the world of blogging. Mainly to build up a portfolio of my work but as I started working on it I found that I was actually loving what I was doing and working on. One particular blog post that I'm particularly proud of is my piece on the movie 'Crazy Rich Asians' and how its diverse cast shook Hollywood. Here is a little snippet from my post:

Malaysia's 14th General Election, the fiercest political battle since our independance

Tomorrow, the 9th of May, thousands of Malaysians will cast their vote in the 14th general election. Many consider this election to be one of the fiercest political battle between the ruling coalition, Barisan Nasional (the National Front) and the opposition party, Pakatan Harapan (The Alliance of Hope).

My Thoughts on New Year Resolutions

New year resolutions are absolute garbage. I am sure this sentiment is shared by many people who realise that every year they make promises to themselves that they will never keep. Now, these promises are not unrealistic, they are just small promises we make that will never happen. Classic New Year resolutions include, “I’m going to be a lot healthier this year”, “I’m going to start going to the gym more”, “I’m going to pick up a new hobby.” but even as we say our resolutions we know for a fact that we are never going to see them through.

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