Year two, part two of “snow snaps”.

The snow has finally vanished (for a few days) so I decided that looking at pictures of it was the only way to make me feel happier.

Link/upload some of your snow snaps. I’ve got a couple here.

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and that Santa gave you all you wanted; especially seeing as we have been such good little boys and girls this year…

Okay, now I feel that I have sufficiently masked my real intentions:

Keep your eyes peeled in 2010 for an email (Kent addresses) about the next edition of the student magazine. It’ll be the best one yet… once we’ve pulled a few hundred pounds out of thin air. Paul, care to do some magic for us?

We’ll be wanting to use some of your snow pictures too, because the kids love the picture page.

I’ll be back in England in just over a week, will have around 20 rolls of film to develop first and then I’ll send that email. I’ll aim for the 8th January. Inspire me with some brilliant ideas or just general feedback about what sucks/what you like.

Have absolutely fabulous New Year’s Eve parties! Happy birthday to all of you having birthdays over the next few weeks and I can’t wait to catch up on all your gossip soon.


Snow Snaps: part two