I forgot in the end, but intended to (story of my life). Anyone get a compy for posterity (Alan, I know you did via Facebook status)?


n: a copy or facsimile made of a website, on a computer. Other files to can be 'compied'. It'll catch on.

I saw one but didn't buy one. Has anyone got a copy of the crossword clues? I hear they are quite interesting...

I indeed have my own copy for posterity. It was the first NoTW I'd bought for years.

Until Sunday the News of the World were offering readers a free copy of both their first and last ever editions as a souvenir through a page previously located here. Since their website has now been blitzed that link is no longer active - and what's replaced it? The opportunity to buy exactly the same package for £2.95 that they'd been ever-so-charitably offering free! I was planning to send off for the free one when I got round to it, and so I didn't bother to pick one up on the day. Not sure I'll bother now if they've decided they need to cash in on their goodwill gesture - I'd feel a little short-changed spending enough to buy three Independents and only coming out with two News of the Worlds.

So confess - who bought yesterday's NoW?