That's the verdict of the Guardian's Hadley Freeman on Daybreak, ITV1's new breakfast programme.

What a strange thing Daybreak is looking set to be," she writes.

"An odd mashup of GMTV, The One Show, That's Life and, suddenly, Newsnight. No one is claiming that GMTV was a hothouse of intellectual thought, but, really, what on earth can one make of Daybreak – a news programme that shows clips of racing mobility scooters, a funnily shaped carrot and a bulldog on a skateboard and asks viewers to vote for the one they'd like to hear about in more detail."

The show, which is hosted by Adrian Chiles and Christine Bleakley, drew an audience of just over one million - a 24.1% share during its 6-8:30am slot.

This is some way behind BBC Breakfast which boasted figures of 1.405 million viewers (32.4%).

Did anyone happen to watch it?


But I happen to think Chiles and Bleakley were made for ITV and its 'entertainment' ethos. I'm surprised they were ever on the BBC first. Chiles is Eamon Holmes and Bleakley is Fiona Phillips (or whichever woman in a long line of suitably pleasant female presenters).

I will watch it tomorrow to see if 1) it's worth it and 2) anymore ridiculous than the affected smile Bill Turnbull gives on the equally tedious Breakfast.

If you want further information on TV figures, seek the TV Nation 2010 survey. I read about the findings in the Radio Times the other day...unsurprisingly Stephen Fry is a TV 'icon'...

Sofa, so bad