I saw this headline in the Daily Mail this morning and it raises some questions about the medical checks and tests that women should have before they go out on their tour of duties in places like Afghanistan and Iraq. For those of you that haven't heard this story today, a gunner in the Royal Artillery discovered she was 34 weeks pregant two days before she gave birth due to severe stomach cramps. As it was such an unusual story I was suprised to discover that this is not an uncommon problem with women who become pregnant before their tour of duty, and simply do not realise that they are pregnant. The Daily Mail gave an interesting statistic - since 2003 nearly 200 women have discovered that they were pregnant whilst at war. Although the medical wing at Camp Bastion was not used to delivering children both the solider and her son were fine.

This story poses the questions to the medical examinations of women soldiers before they go out to war, surely something as simple as a pregnancy test  would reveal whether or not the soldiers were pregnant, before they go out on tour.  It would make an interesting story to follow-up on if the army do in fact change or add to some of their medical tests.

'Soldier has baby on the frontline'