Are you offended by reality?

Earlier this week, luxury lingerie brand La Perla was forced to remove several mannequins from their stores after customer complaints that they were too offensive to be seen in shop windows.

What was so offensive? The mannequin, like several women who bought what it was wearing and every model in their print campaigns, had visible ribs. After receiving messages and complaints over Twitter, such as the one below, the chain made the decision to remove them from their US stores.

I am not a feminist. Or am I?

To be quite honest, I’m not too sure what the word actually means any more.

When I think of modern day feminism I think of the likes of Germaine Greer ranting about how the nuclear family is a bad environment for raising children and how men are merely sperm donors. Frankly, I don’t think I’m the only one either; when the subject of feminism is brought to the table it’s greeted with moans and groans and 80% of the people present thinking something along the lines of what I’ve just said.

Why are people so afraid to take risks?

Fashion is an industry where taking risks is considered the norm, or at least it should be. At every event there’s always some sort of analysis of a person’s less than safe choice, even if it hasn’t turned out looking exactly like it should, they still get brownie points for the effort and choosing something more catwalk crazy than classic Hollywood.

The media are meant to make us want to be skinny, right?

When I went home for Christmas I wasn’t most excited to see my friends or be reunited with my bed, I couldn’t wait to be able to read my magazines. I’m a subscriber; it’s easier on my arms, time and wallet (at least for the first six months), but that does mean I was kept away for them for three months.

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