Hey guys. As rumours in the newsroom might have told you I am taking over as editor of the student magazine next year. The big news is - we are going online! Also we are looking at having a handful of editors, including sports, features, fashion, politics - we are only limited by our imagination and hard work (this is a very engaging speech, I know).
I wanted to get started with this as early as possible, before everyone is absorbed in the bright fluff that is the summer hols.

For reasons you can find on Google (UMM is Canada's answer to FHM - oh yeah, we're talking semi naked laydees) we might be looking for a name change, so start thinking.

A meeting will be held in the Newsroom, time suggested: Wednesday 19/5, 1pm.

Any takers?


 And we had semi-naked men and blow up dolls... 

Truth, dear predecessor! I liked the blow-up doll a lot...


STUDENT MAGAZINE 2010-2011 - Meeting Wednesday