Sky News comes to the CfJ

Students at the Centre for Journalism received a master class from the associate editor at Sky News today.

John McAndrew spent an hour with journalism students giving an insight into the industry and talking about how risk taking, technology and a journalist’s courage all play a part in making Sky News’ coverage stand out above the other broadcasters.

McAndrew knows what he is talking about, he worked for the BBC for over 12 years and came up with the idea for ‘The Daily Politics’ show before moving to Sky where he proceeded to edit the leaders debate during the general election in 2010. He is now the associate editor, and is responsible for the quality of Sky News’ journalism.

Sunday Times journalist, Marie Colvin, killed by shelling in Homs

It is a sobering day for journalism.

The day after students at the University of Kent were given an inspirational talk by Alex Crawford on reporting in conflict, Sunday Times journalist, Marie Colvin and French photographer Remi Ochlik, were killed during shelling in the city of Homs, Syria.


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