The Leveson Inquiry and press ethics

I am watching the Leveson Inquiry and as I type the McCann's are giving evidence.

The press it seems had no ethics or morals when it came to this case - they have broken defamation and contempt laws repeatedly, misinformed the public constantly, clearly invaded the McCann's privacy and even fabricated stories. For what end? Profit and circulation? Tabloid competition? 

Reporting Conflict @ Frontline Club

The Frontline Club is discussing Reporting Conflict this Wednesday at 7.00pm.

This is a great opportunity to network, learn tricks of the trade and see real journalism in action.

Sara Malm and I are heading up there, tickets are £8 for students so if you fancy coming along give one of us a shout!


AV - Will apathy win?

The UK is having a referendum TODAY to decide whether the current voting system of First Past the Post (FPTP) should be changed to the Alternative Vote (AV).

I fear apathy will win today as it appears that the people of Kent are either unaware of what AV is, or are uninterested in electoral reform. 

AV could be voted through and implemented on a small voter turnout - So get down there and vote NO!!! 


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