Bachelors Degree Online has compiled a list of the 100 best blogs for journalism students to read.

They write: "Today’s journalism students are entering an industry that’s facing a crossroads. These days, newspapers and media in general are adapting and growing at a rapid pace, and it’s essential that students keep up, or they’ll be left in the dust. By reading these blogs, you can keep an ear to the ground on the latest developments that matter the most to journalism students."

The list is broken down into various categories, including investigate and photo journalism, as well as more general sites.

One omission from the list, however, is, a site I have found eminently useful for news, tips and analysis.

"This list is doing the rounds ‘100 Best Blogs for Journalism Students – Learn-gasm‘… and we’re not on it. Nope, not even a smidgeon of link-love for poor old there," they lament.

In response the site has added some of its own suggestions, including a certain Centre for Journalism.


For the Centre for Journalism. It's all those mundane, incessant, pointless list writing pursuits of mine which endeared the "inter-web" and its users to the site, obviously :S. Seriously though, it is a creditable achievement.

Top links for journalism students