Peace war and credible election; 84 million Nigerians vote in three days decides way forward

Come Feb 16th 84 million registered voters in Nigeria, divided mainly between the People’s Democratic Party presidential aspirant, Atiku Abubakar, and the All Progressive Congress presidential candidate, Major General Muhamed Buhari - (seeking re-election), will be casting their ballot for the next president.

The view from the top

In a few weeks, I will be 40, even I am amazed at how quick life seems to have turned. I still remember my first thought when I heard someone was 40 "wow, what would it be like to be 40" I asked, partly to myself and the other out loud. Shrieks of laughter echoed through with one gentleman saying "my dear is only then that your life is just beginning". "What," I thought, confused and dumbfounded, but hesitant to engage further. I let it slide and off to other things I went. Ironically, it is only now I understand.

Weak Economy, Regional Administration or Shake the Polity, which way Nigeria?

Elections in Nigeria is aways marred by divides, finger pointing, polity shakers and those always seeking for the system to turn back to regional government. This time round no real difference exists, except with the assertions that Borno state has oil and looking to partner with the Chadians to develop its oil well so it can secede from the rest of Nigeria. However, one cannot run away from the fact that Nigeria, oil or no oil is in serious trouble.

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