So far Rob and Nick have very kindly agreed to put cheesy xmas tunes/classics (and probably a bit of Muse) on a CD each - so that's two.

Any other ideas, guys? A bit of Rachmaninov to kick the evening off? System of a Down, anyone?

Seriously, if you want anything other than Wonderwall and Santa Claus is Coming to Town, then please step forward.

That's all. Party on.


When I say.... Bit of Muse wouldn't go amiss.

Before I get a wave of abuse I would like to say I'm joking... They make for shocking party music.

Why can't you just perform some George Michael/Wham! for us, John?

...and I would love to see John crack out the ol' dance moves again ;)

... there's a slim chance of seeing a bit of a bit of the moves. Slim to middling, I'd say. stereotypical R'n'B - it's rubbish. Other than that, I'm pretty easy going, I'll dance to most things if I'm drunk anyway. Prodigy & Pendulum, please!

...good one.

I don't really mind as long as we can have some of the good ole' cheesey xmas choons!

East 17, The pogues, Band Aid (obviously the original not the crappy half arsed one that came second or the remake in like 04... the REAL band aid!) and so on and so forth...


yay christmas!


+ Wonderwall... All parties must have it. 'Tis the law.

I don't mind taking care of the R'n'B section and getting a CD of that music together and whatnot...if I'm allowed by Angela that is! =s

That would be great Alex, cheers!

 If the place has wifi I am more than happy to run karaoke...

We'd need a radio mic.

 We can source one.


(isn't it a buffet?)

I can steal a microphone of the music techies and yes it's a buffet.

I'm guessing it'll finish at 11 - so onto Coopers after? Uh-huh.

We can't do a karaoke, it's a meal. You wanna do one, book a night in Coopers, or do one after hours in the newsroom. We just need music.

So none of that then? Eurgh... I might not even go now! 

I haven't said this to a anyone for a while... I love you, John.

Haha Epic.

Imagine it - the lecturers performing bohemian rhapsody...

Will there be chicken dippers? 

No Muse. How could I pick a small selection when they are all so immense!?

I can provide a selection of rock/industrial/metal music, if there's any call for it - if nobody else likes it then don't worry about it, but for anyone who wants anything heavier than, uh, Muse, or any softer alternative stuff like Placebo - just say and I'll get CD making.


I think we'll be alright with the few we've got, but I'll bear it in mind. Cheers.

A party without 'Mmmbop' by Hanson is no party at all...  

Urgent message update!