Next time, don't judge. Think.

You would think that our generation is one that has lived to see many things that have been happening across the Globe, but somehow I can’t take this idea out of my head: that as much as we want to admit that we are free, that we think outside the box, that we’re not as conservative or close- minded as some of the generations who came before us, I’ve witnessed to see how more people of my age, at 20 years old, still can’t step outside of  their comfort zone.

I think I'm falling for you...Paris.

Now I understand why they call Paris the city of love.

I know, it’s such a cliché…but let me tell you something: Paris is not called the city of love because you go there and see couples everywhere, or because you go there and find the love of your life, now don’t get me wrong, that can happen, but before I went there I had the idea that people were calling it that way just because of those things.

What's love got to do with it? The Obamas

For centuries now love and power have been two things that were either in contradictory or connected, making those who possessed these two an accomplished individual. On January the 10th President Obama has sustained his farewell speech, he tackled topics ranging from the economy to marriage equality, but the pick of his speech was for sure the moment when he acknowledged his wife, Michelle Obama as the role model she was the years during her time as the First Lady.

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