Calling teachers by their first names is not the way forward

“Good Morning Mrs Smith, good morning everyone.” That was the way every day at primary school would start and that is the way I, and many others have always addressed teachers.

This week, Professor Jennifer Coates said that calling teachers ‘Sir’ and ‘Miss’ is sexist because they do not match.  

No make up selfies may not be courageous but they are for charity

Last week, the #nomakeupselfie campaign swept across social media and so far has raised over £2 million.

The ‘no make up selfie’ involves women posting photos of themselves with no make up on before making a donation to Cancer Research UK and nominating their online friends to do the same.

Women all over the country were posting photos of themselves without make up on in order to raise money for the charity.

Women's sports participation is increasing and so should coverage

At the closing ceremony of last year’s Olympics, Lord Sebastian Coe took to the stage to deliver a speech about inspiring a generation and I for one whole heartedly believed the triumphs we witnessed over those two weeks would do just that.

And according to Sport England’s ‘Active Survey’ it has. A total of 15.426m people play sport each week, up 206,000 from April.


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