Evening everyone.

Hope you’re all well and that your summer holidays are super.

We are planning to get the first edition of our brand new campus magazine out in September.  So we need you and your bright bubbling brains. 

As it’ll be printed when the freshers arrive, perhaps we should do a guide to Medway – including all the best places to go out etc. I’m just chucking out ideas here, so voice yours too.

Maybe one of the Peak house boys would like to give their beloved home a proper fairwell as Liberty Quays opens this year? Prostitution and drugs makes a fairly good story right? I do believe Kent had a 20 (?) year contract with Peak House, which surprisingly got terminated. My landlord knows quite a bit about this – I can give you his number if anyone’s interested in writing it? It could be a funny one.

I guess there’s always the campaign about the empty building on campus and whether we really do need another pub, but perhaps that’d be better when there are some students around campus to have a chat with?

In the art world we’ve got the release of the rather controversial Medway calender, in September – it caused a stir among some in which they slammed the council for using it as a “rights grabbing raid”. Also, in August there’s a protest in Chatham about photographer’s rights, after a man was arrested for taking pictures of a policeman. It could be interesting.

I’ve also got a few other investigative pieces up my sleeve, but I need to look into them more before I mention what they are.

If you’ve got a spare few hours and fancy contributing to the magazine please let me or Jaak know. You can drop a comment here, facebook or email. Don’t be shy!

The chances are that if we have a printed version by the time the newbies arrive they'll be little eager beavers and sign up. There will also be no mad panic at the end of the year when it comes to handing in portfolios.

If no one wants to I will quit my job and write the whole magazine myself… and as much as I’d love to quit my job, I don’t think anyone can handle anymore articled on tea or Twitter. Think about it! Save your sanity…



I could quite easily write a book on Peak House. It certainly was an 'experience' to say the least!

Now that Alan's on board it brings our total up to three... As much as I think we can still fill a magazine with just three of us, it would be a lot nicer to have more people on the project. It'd make it a bit more varied. Also, there's obviously more to it than just writing - if anyone wants to help out with the design you're more than welcome to. I end up square-eyed from staring at Photoshop/InDesign too much anyway.

Writing reviews is a good excuse to go to the cinema, right? And I'm sure Stu will do some music reviews.

Do you want a first edition ready for freshers week, then? Or the first couple of weeks?

Super, thanks John. Haven't decided it in that much detail yet as we didn't have a clue how much help we'd get with it. It would be nice to be able to hand a copy to people at the Freshers' Fair though. I'll keep you up-to-date on plans.

And if Stuart would like to help - that'd be great as well. Especially on something sport related! Bar watching Tom Watson lose earlier, my sports skills are limited - so I'll just hand responsibility of that over to someone else.

As for music, I've just got back from photographing the Castle Concerts in Rochester, which had some great acts. Seeing as I've already got the pictures it might be worth doing something on that. Either involving the local bands that played, or possibly the better known acts, if we can wriggle an interview out of them. Alternatively, Stuart, or someone else, can do something completely different.

Can I add anymore names to the list?

P.S. Thinking about it - seeing as it's a sort of Freshers' edition - maybe we should give them the low down on sport initiations? A colourful piece of last year's memories, and perhaps what each sports team does. Speaking of initiations, must sort out one for our new journos joining us in September! Just to make this comment a bit longer... We're also sorting out a second year introduction to the new CfJ intake, so they can learn a bit about us. Exciting, huh? Someone nudge me or Beckah nearer the time if nothing's been done. There is a plan.

I thought you were talking about the Dickens novel, but that's Bleak House, isn't it. Though maybe it's the same to you...

'Bleak' is one of the more family-friendly terms I could use when it comes to my former student abode...

That John has bagged the movies section. However, due to our disparate tastes in genre, I would also like to volunteer for the role. You can also sign me up for any and all things journalism =]


As the little title says really. Not much else to add.

Don't worry a review for 'The Resistance' can be taken care of :) ha.

Would you look at that... I did have something to add.

Now where are all the girls hiding?

I'll drop everyone an email at some point when plans have been more thought through. Anyone who hasn't yet volunteered also look out for an email. There is no escape...

By the way, we're going to need sponsors as well because of our small budget. If anyone has any idea who we could target, let me know.

Thanks again.

Outside of the uni? Gyms and leisure centres would probably be a good bet. I don't know many round the area though.


Super, Rob. Didn't think of that - I will get onto the Black Lion etc. I was hoping the night clubs would be interested, and possibly the KM. I'm working most of this week, but will try and send out some letters by the end of following week.

I would love to help out :) sounds like great fun...

Maybe a preview to Gillingham FC's first season back in League One after their epic promotion last year?

Anything else you want me to do just let me knowww

They've cut the media budget this year from £3000 to £1200 because it hasn't been used for a while... Meaning that we can get two editions out before we're broke apparently. I'm going to try and get this changed, but we will have to see if it's possible, or hope that some lovely local businesses bail us out. If not, then the only other alternative I can see is publishing one each term, meaning that there probably wont be a Freshers' edition and it will be slightly later in the year, towards Christmas.

We need you: campus magazine