The final (sob) assessed news day takes place this Friday for Year 3 undergraduates.

It's a TV bulletin that will air at 5pm.

The roles, which you've no doubt worked out by now,  are as follows.

Editors: James Mullan, Scott Mitchell, Frances Christian-Acquaah

Executives: Huw Jenkins, Sarina Iskandar, Tania Steere

Assessed reporters: Harley Tamplin, Jemma Rogers, Tiia Mustonen, Clare Freeman, Drew Mark, Anthony Dunkley, Jay Akbar, Oprah Flash, Alex Maitland,Tom Rowse, Nick Duffy, Ferouz Berhe

News team: Jessica Fleig, Danielle Morris, Agatha Yuen, Peter Brown,Dwayne Gordon-Harris, Michel'le Donnelly



The objective is to make the BBC cry with jealousy. Are you free this afternoon to have a chat about preparation Ian?

Yes, after 4pm.

Ian Reeves is head of the Centre for Journalism

Year 3 assessed TV news day roles