The list below shows which staff members are acting as primary project supervisor for each student. You should see you supervisor on a weekly basis from now on, even if only briefly, to update them on your progress. Many of your pitches demonstrate how much work most of you still have to do before you have a clear idea of your output.

If your name is not on the list (Dwayne), you need to upload your pitch so that your supervisor can be allocated.


Tim Luckhurst

Clare Freeman

Huw Jenkins

Scott Mitchell

Michel’le Donnelly

Jay Akbar


Richard Pendry

Tania Steere

Nick Duffy

Alex Maitland

Tom Rowse

Drew Mark


Rob Bailey

Antony Dunkley

Jessica Fleig

Harley Tamplin

Ferouz Berhe


Sarah Lonsdale

Frances Acquaah

Peter Brown

Jemma Rogers

Danielle Morris

Sarina Iskandar


Ian Reeves

James Mullan

Oprah Flash

Agatha Yuen

Tiia Mustonen

Year 3 project supervision