Staff met to discuss student project pitches this morning, and the following supervisors were agreed. Note that new staff member Lee Kenny will take over the supervision of a few students when he joins us in January. Students should book an appointment with their supervisor at the earliest opportunity.

Supervisor Student
Rob Bailey Josh Morl
  Laura Griffiths
  Jack Reed
  Charlie Wahl
  Ben Wright
  Declan Olley
  Sam Thompson
Tim Luckhurst Lydia Deichmann
  Lauren Clarke
  Mara Podaru
  Matt Charles
  Kieran Watkins
  Clarissa Place
Richard Pendry Lydia Hamilton
  Christine Stokes
  Damilola Sole
  Emily Magdij
  Kirsten Ringelmann
  Molly PIke
  Jemma Collins
Ian Reeves Mhairi Beveridge
  Carlo Boffa
  Dan Sampayo
  Rikki Clarke
  Chris Walker
  Josh Margrie-Rouse
  Bill Topping


Year 3 project supervisors