The team for the assessed radio news day on Friday is as follows:

Editors: James Averill, Ella Copeland, Joe Cladingboel

Executive group: Sara Malm, Jade Selby, Eva Tsipi

Assessed reporters: Angela Davey, Dean Kilpatrick, Tom Ruzyllo, Dan May, Nicola Sturmey, James Warner, George Ocaya, Melanie Wimmer, Alex Dack, Paul Dunne, Grant Gibb, Sophie Jackson

News team: Danielle Cheney, Jason West, Laura Hartmann, Sarah Wilson, Alister Houghton, Harriet Robinson

Your broadcast will be live for TWO HOURS, from 3pm from 5pm in the style of BBC 5 Live's Drive.

I suggest the editors talk to Richard for some more guidance on how to prepare. All of you should be listening to as much radio as you can between now and Friday. And if you're not feeling confident about cutting audio in Audition, get into the newsroom and practise.

Year 3 radio newsday roles