Scoop Online, the one-day web project created by Year 3 journalism undergraduates for their assessed news day last Friday, has broken the traffic record set by last year's group.

The assessment requires the Year 3 team to build and populate a news web site with a mixture of local, national and international stories using the multimedia storytelling techniques they have learned during their journalism degree studies. They must also use social media techniques to attract an audience to their site.

In the 48 hours following the launch of the site at 9am on Friday morning, Scoop Online attracted 4,999 unique visitors and 10,948 page views.

The previous record set by the 2012/13 group's Buzz News was 1,484 unique visitors and 7,298 page views.

Some great exclusive content - including exclusive news of a new Deep Purple documentary, an interview with 2003 England rugby world cup legend Phil Vickery, and an investigation into the Dark Web - helped Scoop Online to achieve its impressive figures.


The question now is this: can they beat their own record in their second online news day next term?

Year 3 students break centre's record for online news day