The 30-minute radio programmes produced by Year One undergraduates are now uploaded to the site.

You'll find the show produced by Ella's team here

And the show produced by Jon's Team here.

Note that you'll have to be logged in to listen. I don't think the wider world is quite ready for these broadcasts just yet.


Who won?

Staff will be giving you the benefit of their deliberations in due course. For those involved in the wager... headbands and pony tails (if I remember correctly) at the ready.

Ian Reeves is head of the Centre for Journalism

Ian, as I am sure you will appreciate, the effort required for the loser of the wager is on an epic scale when compared to all asks the cfj has to offer. It would be greatly received if you could set a date for the announcement that will crush said persons (me or Ali) spirit for the remainder of the term.

In return, the loser shall also wear a dress.



Radio news day debrief is today at 11am in the convergent journalism class.

Ian Reeves is head of the Centre for Journalism

Year One news day broadcasts now on site