A reminder of the teams for the print news day taking place this Thursday  in the main newsroom. Remember this represents an excellent opportunity to produce good work for your portfolios. The editor for Team B is now Tom Ruzyllo. I suggest both editors come for a chat with me after 4pm today, or tomorrow morning.

Team A:

Editor: Jason West

Melanie Wimmer, James Warner, Nicola Sturmey, Jade Selby, Harriet Robinson, Dean Kilpatrick, Alister Houghton, Paul Dunne, Alex Dack, Joe Cladingboel, James Averill,  Jay Akbar, Ferouz Berhe, Anica Colbert, Michel'Le Donnelly, Oprah Flash, Jessica Fleig, Huw Griffith-Jenkins, Alex Maitland, Daniellle Morris, James Mullan, Chloe Oram, Sarina Iskandar, Tom Rowse, Tania Steere


Team B

Editor: Tom Ruzyllo

Sarah Wilson, Eva Tsipi, Sara Malm, Jon Stone, Dan May, Sophie Jackson, Grant Gibb, Laura Hartmann, Angela Davey, Ella Copeland, Danielle Cheney, George Ocaya, Peter Brown, Frances Christian-Acqaah, Nick Duffy, Anthony Dunkley, Clare Freeman, Dwayne Gordon-Harris, Drew Mark, Scott Mitchell, Tiia Mustonen, Tim New, Chris Reidy, Gemma Rogers, Harley Tamplin, Agatha Yuen


Years 1 & 2 print news day udpate