Ok....a few of you will be having fits [including Ian] seeing as I have probably already done more blogs so far this year than i did last year altogether! So...I have thought of another valuable activity that I would like to throw out there to everyone.

Following my nagging at Alan to watch the film Mississippi Burning [lectures: feel free to correct my spelling of Mississippi], thought i would suggest watching it in the newsroom one evening when everyone is not snowed under with work!

It is a really valuable film to have watched as it gives you a good insight into the Civil Rights problems experienced in the US in the 1950's and 1960's, something that journalists will have to be aware of when facing stories around this topic. The film starts with the disappearance of three young Civil Rights activists and follows the investigation into the town where they went missing.

The three boys did actually go missing in real life but i am not sure as to how much the rest of the film is based on this story. It is quite long but is one of those films that you will never forget! So...if anyone would like to watch it on the big screen in the newsroom i am more than happy to bring in my copy.


Next week: Blog on shoes. Definitely.


If you want another one to watch for the future, I just bought a film called Why We Fight about the 'military industrial complex' in the USA and its growth and grip on power there, with particular focus on the invasion of Iraq. It's absolutely phenomenal.

 ...snowed under with work." What day is this, Kelsey?! 

I'm up for it though. If not many people are interested, we can move it to my house and watch it over a bottle (or two) of wine.

...if you want to watch it on a real TV, we can move it to mine! ;)

Yes...ANOTHER blog by me!