1) Conference is at 8:30 (8:00 for section editors - you have to decide your stories and layouts) ON WEDNESDAY NOT TUESDAY.

Tuesdays conference will be at 9:30 as usual for second years because first years have their shorthand .

2) Bring in your laptops on Wednesday if you can so everyone has a computer to work on

3) Please e-mail me your mobile numbers as soon as possible if you haven't already we'll need them on Wednesday incase you go out on stories


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Hey guys,

I've sent everyone e-mails with details of what you need to do for tomorrow - so check your inboxes, please.


1) Conference is at 8:30 tomorrow - 8:00 for section editors (you have to decide your stories and layouts)

2) Bring in your laptops if you have them so everyone has a computer to work on

3) Please e-mail me your cell numbers we'll need them tomorrow incase you go out on stories

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Fear of Taliban influx in Karachi, Pakistan

This is an article about the taliban in Pakistan trickling into its largest city, Karachi, to take refuge from the U.S. missile strikes.

They seem to have figured out that concentrating on one large war-torn area makes them an easy target and so they have begun to spread themselves around the country.

It seems my city is no longer the haven it used to be.

Not for me anyway.

The Taliban seem to think otherwise.


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