So funnyman to Middle England, Stephen Fry thinks the scandal of MPs' expenses is no more than a 'journalistic frenzy' does he? Interviewed for Newsnight last night, he practically spat the words and accused people outraged by claims for mending tennis courts, swimming pools and having their wisteria pruned as mere 'bourgeous' preoccupations. Speaker of the House of Commons Michael Martin blamed the media too, a lazy and kneejerk reaction. In today's Times columnist David Aaronovitch also pokes fun at the nation's outrage at discovering the newest sport at Westminster, 'flipping,' has nothing to do with pancake day. Well, all three of those men in their cosy metropolitan Westminster-media-showbix nexus enjoy salaries way above the average in this country and I can tell you, Mr Fry, Mr Martin and Mr Aaronovitch that particularly now when for the vast majority of people putting food on the table and clothing their children is considered a heroic achievement, being asked to pay for Hazel Blears' property portfolio or Mr Letwin's tennis court maintenance sticks in the craw somewhat. Stick to the jokes, Mr Fry, you're better at those than poilitcial commentary.


As you say, Mr Fry seems to be sitting in his ivory tower somewhat and becoming a motormouth without being affected one bit by what a regular man on the street is enduring amidst MP expenses chaos. A wonderfully intelligent man, actor, comedian, writer and broadcaster (i.e. the occasional documentary), Mr Fry's rambles about Wisteria and such are very blinkered when considering the nation's general financial plight. Disappointing, considering it comes from a generally objective/balanced and understanding character.

As for Mr Martin, what can we expect from someone who is clearly unsure of what to do in his own job apart from screeching "Order, Order!" from his pot-belly and instead point his 'fat cat' hands at the media relentlessly, which is what most politicians are resorting too at present.

And Mr Aaronovitch seems to be the type of columnist who represents the armchair pundit wallowing on what you would imagine to be quite a large salary. Incidentally, how much do columnists get paid? I'd guess around £50,000 and above... 

You may be quite funny, Mr Fry, but on MPs' expenses you're totally wrong