1) Conference is at 8:30 (8:00 for section editors - you have to decide your stories and layouts) ON WEDNESDAY NOT TUESDAY.

Tuesdays conference will be at 9:30 as usual for second years because first years have their shorthand .

2) Bring in your laptops on Wednesday if you can so everyone has a computer to work on

3) Please e-mail me your mobile numbers as soon as possible if you haven't already we'll need them on Wednesday incase you go out on stories

4) Make sure you listen to and read up on the news of the day before you come in so you can pitch ideas for Tuesdays (second years) and Wednesdays conferences - think about what the story is, why it's releveant to the day, any important facts and figures, constant updates, who you should speak to etc.

If anyone is still confused about anything e-mail me and let me know.


I hope Zehra doesn't mind me adding, but we're probably gonna need a few NIBs too. So, don't feel shy in the conference if you only have the eency-est idea, because it can still be used.


For those disappointed by the acronym "NIB" instead of the word "food", I have a box of choccie biccies and a box of shortbread that my hips could do without. I think I might experiment with classical conditioning tomorrow - if you're good, you can have a cookie.

My secret sources tell me that team A have been working on their stories all afternoon/evening. So we're going to need to work extra hard tomorrow to knock the smug little smiles off their faces! 

Epic if it's true though.

Breaking news: my sources tell me Robert Hayes was playing Rockband last night. More soon.

And that was epic.
Craig Bellamy.