This piece looks at a YouTube craze that mixes up sharp editing with even sharper satire on a whole range of subjects. The version on Giles Coren is wonderful. For those that don't know what it's parodying, it concerns a certain email on the subject of sub editing.


Discovered these a while ago. Lots of swearing but they're VERY funny

Cheers for the post. I love the fact Coren is so furious just because "a" is removed, that is the pettiest thing I've ever heard. AND I thought Trisha Fermor at the KM in Maidstone was a battle-axe, think again (though wait until you meet her).

The videos remind me of something called Nico Nico Douga (smiley smiley video) or nicodou for short. It's a japanese craze where they have a site like youtube but you can write on any of the videos that are up there, and the text scrolls directly over the footage, so it becomes this crazy, audio visual social forum for their manga or whatever else they want to talk about. It's a massive phenomenon, but there's nothing like it over here, really.

The new face of satire: editing