A minibus capable of seating ten students will depart from the Gillingham Building at 16.30 to take students from the Centre to hear Dr Simon Singh, the award winning broadcaster and writer, explore the way in which journalists report science on Wednesday 14 March at 6pm. The open lecture[1], titled Science and the Media - the Good, the Bad and the Ugly, will take place at Woolf College Lecture Theatre on the  Canterbury Campus[2]. Dr. Singh will argue that as science impacts on society more than ever before, it is crucial that media reporting is accurate, insightful and informative, rather than distorted, scaremongering and sensationalist. 

The bus will return from Canterbury to Medway at 19.30. Students are welcome to use it to travel in one direction or both. First come, first served. The first three names below have got seats...there is room for seven more.  



I was going to go anyway so a bus would just make it even more convenient.

If we can get a bus I would be happy to go. 


I'll be going but I have to be in Canturbury earlier for a briefing, but a bus back would be very useful!


The lecture sounds very interesting… but I am competing for the university this day so as long as the team and I don’t run into any traffic on the way back to Canterbury then I should be back in time to make it! If I do, can I come back on the bus? That is, If there is still space of course!

Sounds really interesting, I'd like to attend as well. 

If there is still space for one more, I would like to go too. Thanks.

I'd like to come if there's still room, too! I'll definitely be getting the bus there, and probably the bus back too.

Sent Tim an email when website was briefly offline, but to reiterate I would like to get on board too if still room! Sounds compelling

Bus booked for Simon Singh lecture on science and the media