The mysterious powers that run IT have finally allowed us to install Firefox on the newsroom PCs. So if you want to give Internet Explorer the elbow, you'll find it on the list under Start->All programs.



Result! :D

Can you now fix it so that this website gets along a little better with Safari please, Ian?

Oh and would it be possible to have another "technical glitch" that makes my Madonna video vanish?! 

Firefox works better than Safari when accessing the site on a Mac. I can't say what works better on a PC

Absolutley epic. Thank god we don't have to use IE anymore!

Becci, just put Firefox on your Mac, if it can run it... :P

Ouch! Does Firewire mean anything to you, Nick? ;D

Don't be starting this again!

Ian, does that mean you're admin now and can look at the possibility of locking computers? 

Not that we're starting a to-do list for you... :)

to right click earlier and couldn't do it. If only I was as cool as you, Nicholas.


Firefox is in the building