The roles for this Friday's assessed news day are as follows:

Editors: Jesssica Fleig, Danielle Morris, Agatha Yuen

Executives: Harley Tamplin, Jemma Rogers, Tiia Mustonen

Assessed reporters: Huw Jenkins, Sarina Iskandar, Tania Steere, Peter Brown, Dwayne Gordon-Harris, Michel'le Donnelly, James Mullan, Scott Mitchell, Frances Christian-Acquaah, Tom Rowse, Nick Duffy, Ferouz Berhe

News team: Jay Akbar, Oprah Flash, Alex Maitland, Clare Freeman, Drew Mark,Anthony Dunkley

Editors should come for a chat with me or with Richard as soon as possible.


Jemma Collins Ian?! 

Sweet! Does that mean I get a day off? =P

Oops. Getting my second and third years mixed up. Corrected now.

Ian Reeves is head of the Centre for Journalism

I was getting a little concerned there!

Year 3 assessed news day - radio roles